1951 Born in Takanosu town, Akita-pref., Japan
1980 Debut to the musical world at the Bach Recital
1981 Composed and performed the pantomime play, "Light of the Street", the headline performance of the Okayama Pref. Art Festival.
1983 Met with 11-string guitar
1985 Performed a lute duet from the Renaissance period on an 11-string guitar with Mitsuyo Nishimura, a troubadour harp player.
1988 Invited to the guitar festival held at the Seoul Olympic Memorial Hall and performed the suite, "The Way of Spring".
1989 Recital at Suntory Hall. Planned and held at the first Hachimantai Music Festival in Kazuno-city, Akita-pref.
1991 Won international recognition at a recital, which featured 11-string guitar pieces of his own composition, held at Carnegie Hall, in New York.
1992 Joint concert with a "Hand-worker" Kichibei, in Kanagawa Music Hall. Invited to play at the 25th San Francisco Cherry Blossom Festival. Recital in Casals Hall with a complete program of original works.

Held the release commemoration recitals for the CD album "Remembrance" in Kanda Anglican Church, Harmony Hall in Matsumoto and Atorion Concert Hall in Akita.

1994 Held an open-air concert at the south side of the runway (Shibayama town) in Narita International Airport. Requiem "Wind Blows" (words by Magoichi Kushida) released. Participated in Yamaguchi World Music Festival.
1995 Held a joint recital with a flute player, Hiroyuki Koinuma and released "Music of Hikari" for Bamboo Flute and 6-string guitar (joint composition). Released "Reimei"- the first movement for 11-string guitar and female voice at the 7th Hachimantai Music Festival. Held a dedicatory concert at Ise shrine.
1996 "Reimei" is first performed (in 3 complete movements) in Rakuyo Church in Kyoto Held concerts for repose of the soul in countries in Eastern and Northern Europe including the Republic of Belarus 10 years after since the accident of Chrnobyl.
1997 Recital in Hamarikyu Asahi Concert Hall. Released the album, "Reimei". Held a concert "Sound of Prayer" with the poet, Sansyo Yamao, in Kofuku Temple in Nara and played the song "Prayer of Autumn"
1998 Held a nationwide series of concerts with singer, Chie Matsui,. Played a number of songs such as "Elegy", "Five-Colored Water" and "Letter from Home".
1999 Developed small-scale concerts throughout Japan. Continued activities having faith to connect music from heart to heart and from soul to soul. The first performance of "Dance of Ryujin" in Yaku Island and the first performance of "Sand of Stars" and "Christmas of Fairy" in Tokyo Opera City Oumi-rakudo
2001 Developed joint concerts all over the country with a pantomime artist, Kiyoshi Shimizu,. Released CD album "Mizukagami". Held the release of the commemoration recital in Kanda Anglican Church.
Original CD's "The Remains of Wind", "Remembrance", "Reimei" and "Mizukagami"

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